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Illusion Brushes

Illusion Brushes

Elite face painting brushes by Illusion and Charles Fox

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BigMama Brush
BigMama Brush A large flat synthetic brush. A body painter's delight. Easy contro..
BigPapa Brush
BigPapa Brush Extra large flat synthetic brush. The Daddy of all brushes. 40mm wide, th..
Brush Shaper
Use Brush Shaper to help maintain and restore your brushes to the original factory shape. To use,..
BrushHour Brush
A dagger brush designed for creating feathers, whiskers, and luscious thick-to-thin ribbon stroke..
Diamond FX Brush Soap
A soap block specially formulated to clean your brushes, has a fresh aroma of lemons, comes on an..
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DreamBlend Brush
DreamBlend Brush A synthetic rounded chisel brush. Designed for beautiful control and p..
EasyLine Brush
EasyLine Brush Round brush made of Sable, a shorter line brush for line work and detail..
EdgeMe Brush
EdgeMe Brush A square chisel 10mm wide flat brush.  Perfect for razor sharp ..
FinerPoint Brush
Fine round brush, designed for detailed brushstrokes and controlled lines. Perfect for dots a..
FullerLine Brush
A large round tipped brush, synthetic fibres.  The perfect brush for  teardrops, pa..
FunFur Brush
FunFur Brush A synthetic rake brush. This is a versatile brush to create fur, fea..
Glitter Applicator
Our Loose Eyeshadow/Glitter Applicator is ideal for applying loose eye shadows, pigments or glitt..
Ispropanol Cleaning Alcohol 30ml
Ispropanol Cleaning Alcohol 30ml   Perfect for cleaning brushes, practice heads, and..
Kryolan Brush Cleaner 100ml
Kryolan Brush Cleaner   Cleans, sterilizes and dries in seconds.   Spec..
Kryolan Make Up Artists Brush Belt
This Kryolan Makeup Artist Tool belt was developed especially for the needs of the make-up artist..
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