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Elisa Griffith Palette Full 22 Colours

Out Of Stock Elisa Griffith Palette Full 22 Colours
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This palettes includes the full range of 22 colours by Elisa Griffith


Aranciata: Matte Orange
Cloverleaf: Matte Dark Green
Sparkly Aqua: Shimmer Turquoise
Wine: Matte Burgundy
Hotness: Matte Red
Treasure: Shimmer Gold
Snow: Matte White
Limeade: Matte Light Green
Aqua: Matte Turquoise
Cotton Candy: Matte Hot Pink
Electric: Shimmer Dark Blue
Flamingo: Shimmer Pink
Sunshine: Matte Yellow
Blackness: Matte Black
Royalty: Matte Purple
Chocolate: Matte Brown
Abyss: Matte Dark Blue
Twinkle: Shimmer White

Fireman red

Gold Bling

Silver Bling

Copper Bling


The all new Color Me Pro palette by Elisa Griffith world renowned make up artists, face artist and instructor. Elisa chose her favrotie most vibrant pressed powders and combnined them in the perfect palette. Now you can create stunning make up looks, fast colorful face painting and embelleish any body art. These pigmented powders are perfect for base color for fast face painting and perfect for theatre make up when you need color to pop!




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