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MiKim FX UV Pink 17g

Out Of Stock MiKim FX UV Pink 17g
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MiKimFX Art Studio  introduce a new make up range of UV and bright colours are designed for body and face painting.


Add popping highlights to your artwork. Add some extra drama and special effects with our fluorescent UV paints which add an extra dimension when used with blackl ight.

Can be used for special effects makeup and over prosthetics. Effortless blending and long lasting vibrant colours which will last for hours.

Formulated using ingredients and pigments that has been stringently tested and adhere to EEC and FDA regulations. Our makeup is hypoallergenic and safe

MiKim FX products are made in Europe (in their production unit) and towards the EEC legislation with ingredients, colourants, labelling, production, CNPN database.
In the EEC the pigments are tested and compositions of colourants found safe for use. 
EEC compliant.
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