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Temptu Dura Pro Palette Corpse

Out Of Stock Temptu Dura Pro Palette Corpse
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Temptu Pro Palettes

An industry favorite for body art, prosthetics, and special effects makeup for over twenty-five years.  Incredibly long-lasting and developed to withstand even the most extreme conditions, these concentrated pigments are ideal for creating a variety of effects. 

Dura Palettes are a must-have for every makeup artist's kit.  Palettes can be applies with either a brush or sponge and saturated colours activate easily and instantly with Alcohol 99 (or 99% alcohol).  To achieve a richer consistency by activating the palette with the corresponding Dura liquid.

Designed to create the dead... and undead.
Black, Prime Blue, Prime Yellow, Blood, Dried Blood, Death White, Rigor Mortis, Vein, Olive Dead, Old Bruise
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