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Glimmer Accents Go Couture Stencil

Out Of Stock Glimmer Accents Go Couture Stencil
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HD Couture stencils are the ultimate adhesive stencils. They are versatile, feature the most intricate designs, and appeal to all age ranges. Couture stencils are the first of their kind because they have a micro fine film over the design allowing you to achieve the finest detail without any floating pieces. All Go couture stencils have an adhesive backing which makes them perfect to use for Glitter tattoos, Airbrush tattoos, and mica tattoos. When using HD stencils for glitter/mica tattoos they are one time use because the adhesive fills in the stencil the screen becomes covered. When using Go Couture stencils for Airbrush tattoos you can get multiple uses out of them and they can be wiped with alcohol to reactivate the adhesive backing. HD stencils are made of a comfortable flexible mylar material and the adhesive is cosmetic grade and will not cause irritation or hurt when removing. It is recommended that you use ultra fine glitter and the GO couture brushes when using stencils for glitter tattoos.

4.8" x 4.5" x 0.25"


Contains 2 stencils

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