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Sparklettoo Glue Refill 2oz

Sparklettoo Glue Refill 2oz
Product Code: Sparklettoo Glue Refill 2oz
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Sparklettoo is a cosmetic grade adhesive perfect for glitter tattoos. Sparklettoo glue contains no latex and can last on the skin up to 7 days. Sparklettoo glue is also excellent for applying nipple covers, adhering gems to the skin and for impressive looking glitter tattoos. Each glue bottle can do 150+ glitter tattoos.

To Use: Sparklettoo skin glue has a brush similar to a nail polish bottle and is easy to brush on to the skin.

To Remove: Remove  Glue with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

2oz bottle


4 ( 4 / 5 )
This glue dries quickly and a little goes a long way. The down side in my experience is that the consistency is very thin and watery so extra care has to be taken to ensure it doesn't seep underneath the tattoo stencil. Also as this is a refill bottle, it is meant to be used to refill the original bottle, and as is tall with a thin base and is easily knocked over, ( i know from experience) but in fairness to the product, the bottle it is designed as a refill. I would prefer it a little thicker to prevent bleed but the upside to it being so watery is that you only need a small amount.

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