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Mehron Starblend Ivory Bisque 54G

Mehron Starblend Ivory Bisque 54G
Product Code: Mehron Starblend Ivory Bisque 54G
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The Starblend powders are amazing and easy to use for background coverage. This special formulated powder has a matte finish with opaque coverage. StarBlend powders work best when used with a dry smoothie blender brush. The smoothie blender has a felt tip that smoothes the powder onto the skin evenly.
The powders are good for hot summer days because the powder helps absorb sweat. The best things about the powders are no water is needed and you can use your waterbased paints to paint on top of the Starblend powders to make your designs pop. This is a must have tool to get full-face designs completed in a matter of seconds.
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