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ProAiir DIPS White

ProAiir DIPS White
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DIPS is a hybrid concentrated formula created for best coverage on skin which holds up to HOT temperatures, sweat, water and most activities.  DIPS will last longer than traditional cake makeup but is NOT permanent.  Dips will dissolve over a period of time naturally and removal is LIQUID SOAP.  Not water. 

DIPS is not like any other makeup on the market, some learning curve is needed - but the results are great!

Use DIPS as your line work over cake makeup, powders or straight onto skin.  

You may need:  mister bottle of 99% alcohol (try our thinning formula too), an old makeup cover lid or some plastic pallet tray for blending.  


Please note there are some restrictions on shipping ProAiir paints as they are alcohol based. 

If you're located outside Mainland UK, please contact us before ordering to see if we can ship this product to you. 

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Pro Aiir Dips are as good as the Airbrush version. designed to be used with a brush they are a little thicker. I use the white and black for details on top of the design. goes on so easily with a brush. great product.

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