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Brush Cleaning Liquid

Out Of Stock Brush Cleaning Liquid
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The Face Painting Shop Brush Cleaning Liquid is a Liquid brush cleaner for all your face and body painting brushes as well as makeup brushes.

Boasting disinfecting benefits, Brush Cleaning Liquid sustains the quality of synthetic and natural fibre brushes and effectively removes all traces of makeup, impurities and bacteria. Specially developed for gentle yet exceptional brush cleaning, Brush Cleaning Liquid is easy to use and is essential to maintain the professional results of your brushes.

Handmade in Germany

Did you know?  Our Brush Cleaning Liquid is free from Parabens and Sulphates.


5 ( 5 / 5 )
I LOVE your brushes!!! I need all of them and I'm halfway there I think hahah. Everything I purchased in this order is great. Brush cleaner works great and smells fantastic. I love everything! Just wish shopping and conversion to Canada wasn't so steep. :(

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