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Jest Paints Bolt Brushes

Jest Paints Bolt Brushes

The Face Painting Shop are proud to be stocking the brand new line of brushes from Jest Paints


All of the brushes have synthetic bristles (no animals were harmed to make the brushes), and short shiny painted wooden handles. All wood comes from managed national wood reforestation programs, and our manufacturer is involved with several non profit organizations that fight to protect endangered species, as well as organizations that provide free school materials to kids in need. All brushes were assembled in the USA using components from Thailand. To top it off, all handles are painted with non-toxic UV reactive paint, so that you can easily find your brushes while working at Black Light parties!
Please take note: Brushes are handmade and all measurements are approximate, the actual width may vary a little, but you, as the artist are in control of the width of your strokes by the amount of pressure you put on the bristles while painting.

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