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Lilatex PROTECT Opal liquid 30 ml - PURE PINK

Lilatex PROTECT Opal liquid 30 ml - PURE PINK
Product Code: Lilatex PROTECT Opal liquid 30 ml - PURE PINK
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Lilatex Opal liquid 30 ml

Provides maximum protection

The Lilatex Protect series has a high reduction
from allergenic ingredients in the highest quality.


Let your skin be the canvas with this awesome COLOURED LIQUID LATEX  It has a silky smooth finish that brightens up your whole look in an instant. Use the fine nib to draw intricate details and mix with other bright colours for a detailed finish to your look.

Lilatex is great for creating bold distinctive looks and finishing off imaginative makeup/face/bodypainting/special fxs designs. Paint directly onto your skin and allow to dry. The bottle has a handy nib to allow for precise application, the bottle is also loaded with a spring to ensure smooth mixing, and to ensure that the nib does not become clogged. If applying to areas of skin with fine hair it is advised to apply an aloe vera gel or oil to the area first. To remove, simply peel away from the skin.


Made in Germany

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