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Vermillion FX | Runny Blood | Oxblood 100ml

Vermillion FX | Runny Blood | Oxblood 100ml
Product Code: Vermillion FX | Runny Blood | Oxblood 100ml
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Free running ‘ageing’ blood for skin, prosthetics & costume, non-separating, washable.


FORENSIC ACCURACY “Deeper shade of blood seen in fresh venous trauma or when blood from general bleeding enters early stages of decomposition after exposure to air (deoxygenation). This stage ocurrs prior to any coagulation. Runs on the skin very realistically, dispersing into fine lines and textures.”

ON SET USE Ideal for make up, costume breakdown & art depts. for dripping blood effects & smears on skin, silicone and props. Saturates fabric for wet, freshly blood-soaked effects. An alternative to our bright Crimson shade for fresh blood effects under specific lighting conditions.

REMOVAL Wash with soapy water & repeat until any residue is removed from skin. Soak fabric in cold water then use washing machine if suitable. Spot clean from delicate fabrics with stain remover, do not dry clean. Extensively fabric tested but we advise prior patch testing. User accepts all liability.





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