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Vermillion Blood Kit 1

Vermillion Blood Kit 1
Product Code: Vermillion Blood Kit RED
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2 x product kit from Vermillion FX


RRP £20.00 - SAVING OF £5.00


Product one :


Sinewy Blood Gel



FORENSIC ACCURACY “Depicts blood clots seen in vessels and organs & mucus-mixed coagulated blood clumps seen in blood pools at crime scenes where significant bleeding has recently occurred.”  

ON SET USE Thick, elastic, sticky wound filler for multiple use. String out, apply in lumpy clots or smear onto any surface for shiny, raw, wet looking congealed blood effects. Fills & adds depth to wounds. Non drying. Adheres well to skin & great mixed into our liquid bloods.

REMOVAL Wash with soapy water & repeat until any residue is removed from skin. Soak fabric in cold water then use washing machine if suitable. Spot clean from delicate fabrics with stain remover, do not dry clean. Extensively fabric tested but we advise prior patch testing. User accepts all liability.


Product 2

Drying Blood Light / Crimson


FORENSIC ACCURACY “Colour and consistency accurately depicts ‘general bleeding’: blood seen in and flowing from a fresh injury which once set, gives the appearance of newly dried blood in early stages of decomposition after some exposure to air.”

ON SET USE Ideal for creating fresh dripping or smeared blood effects on skin which appear glossy and wet but completely dry in minutes to a smudge proof finish. To depict fresh blood that’s dried with a more matte finish, once applied, stipple and smear with finger or sponge to create a multi-tonal semi-sheer finish.

REMOVAL Wash product from skin using warm water and soap, wet wipes or any professional makeup remover suitable for alcohol based products and repeat if necessary.


CAUTION Flammable. Use product in a well ventilated area and store away from direct sunlight and sources of ignition. Professional and external use only. Do not use in the eyes, mouth or apply to broken/irritated skin. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach from children.






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