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Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g

Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g (Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g)
Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g (Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g)
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Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g (Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g)
Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g (Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g)
Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g
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  • Model: Essential Glitter Balm Dragon Scales 10g

What is Essential Glitter Balm?

Essential Glitter Balm is a brand new product produced by Incendium Arts. The Glitter is an oil/ wax based product that is classified as vegetarian but not vegan as it contains bees wax. Due to the density of the balm it can be applied and spread over face paint without smudging the paint underneath- a face painters dream! Essential Glitter Balm is avaliable in 10g and 20g pots. Since the product is not gel based the pots can be left open during a gig without drying out.


Removal and Application

Incendium Arts Essential Glitter Balm can be applied on top of face paint, beauty make up or onto clean skin. Essential Glitter Balm can be applied using a spatula, a sillicone applicator or a brush. Remove the Glitter Balms by firmly wiping the glitter off with a cloth or using something like a business card to scrape it off the surface of the skin gently and avoiding using sharp corners by the eye. The balms can also be gently scraped off and moved without re-activating the paint if you don't like the position of your original application. If there is any remaining residue you can wash it off with soap and water or wipe it off with a makeup remover.


Tests and Outcomes

a) Longevity test - simply happens because over the development of a new range, you still have that mix or sample that you started with and so far the longest recorded lasting time is 2.5 years, the original mix is still holding the glitter colour without separation. The Balm has not gone cloudy or smelly, and it is in every way looking the same as a fresh pot.

b) Dehydration test – the first Essential Glitter Balm distributor (‘Looney Bin’ Australia) has for the last 8 months of their distributorship kept the testers for EGB without lids. This product can be left open (as long as it’s not dusty or raining!) for an extended period of time without drying or discolouration. During the testing and later release of this product I have kept all of my pots open on every job, all day. This has been 3 seasons long, and again, the product look, feel, and application are not in any way diminished.

c) Temperature test – (HEAT) the only true way to test whether a product will stand up to be left in a hot car is to leave it in a hot car! The day the test was done it was 38C in an Australian summer and the internal temperature of the car reached between 45-50C, the mix softened a little but did not lose its structure, when tested at 50C + the mix started to go to a liquid state and it just needed a couple of minutes in the fridge to restructure. I would NEVER encourage consumers to leave EGB in the car or for distributors to promote that as a feature, but it is a peace of mind to list the temperature threshold for customers to safely use and store EGB.

Temperature test – (COLD) As soon as I was contacted for a distributorship in Canada and was advised that sometimes the transport can leave packages at -0. I set up a test in freezing conditions. A pot of EGB was placed in a freezer for 8 weeks, (the longest time I’ve ever encountered for economy shipping). At -4C I was very pleased to see, not only that the product was not compromised, but that it was usable at that temperature. The product simply got a little firmer; it was not separated or frozen. This is of HUGE advantage for distributors needing transport in cold winters, but also for customers who live and work in colder areas, it has an incredible durability in most weather conditions.


Colours and UV’s

Especially in countries where the use of neon/ultraviolet paint has become controversial, EGB has a stunning range of ultraviolet options, and because the material is the same as regular glitter it can be used without any issues. The colour mixes were specifically developed around commonly used colours and common face paint designs, so whether it’s eye designs for a festival on teens or adults, or its every little girl’s unicorn/mermaid fantasy party, or even a superheros explosion!! All of the colour range developed at Essential Glitter Balm was strategically made for fitting straight into your kit, and your style, whilst being diverse enough to suit many different styles, there really is something for everyone!

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