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Face Painting Mat MINI Comics 3

Out Of Stock Face Painting Mat MINI Comics 3
Product Code: MINI - Comics 3 12 x 24"
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The Face Painting Shop are proud UK distributors of the Next In Line Mats, the products are the brainchild of Margi Kanter and Lea Selley.



Next In Line - MINI Mats are made in the USA with 1/8" non-slip poly material

The MINI mats are the ideal professional on-site advertising tool, it fits perfectly on the back of your face painting chair ( use bulldog clips or similar to fix)

The MINI mats also look great fixed to your face painting table.

Tip - The mini mats are also great for standing on a small table top easel.

How to clean your mat?
*Use a lint roller
*Sweep off your mat with a stiff broom after each event, to remove any dust and keep it looking good!
*Spot cleaning can be done with a gentle soap and water.
*The next in line Mat can be cleaned at your local car wash with the hand wand sprayer
*For best long term results on keeping your mat clean - apply a coat of Scotchgard to your mat.
*Do NOT machine wash

The easiest way to transport your mat?
Carry your mat loosely rolled - image side out, fasten with a rubber band
We recommend to loosely roll your mat - if the mat is rolled too tightly it may take a few extra minutes for the edges to lay flat.

How to store your mat?
When your mat is not in use, store flat in a clean dry space to allow the mat to keep its shape and the edges from curling


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