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Galaxy Step-by-Step
Created: 19/12/2018Comments: 0
Galaxy Step By Step Hello again! How is everyone doing? Are we all bored of Christmas yet? Today I wanted to show you a step by step of how to achieve this really simple galaxy face paint! I absolutely love this design, I always get at least one or two people choosing this design per gig (when their not having unicorns, butterflies or Spider man)  but it’s the one my boyfr..
Free to Use Christmas Word Menu
Created: 19/12/2018Comments: 0
Merry Christmas to you face artists! Here’s an A4 word menu for you. Simply print out and embellish with a few one stroke designs. Then you can laminate or pop in a menu stand.  ..
Created: 19/12/2018Comments: 1
The Fear of the Bad Review Come on, this can’t just be me? Forgive me if this post is a little self-indulgent, but I’ve been reflecting on a couple of situations I have found myself in, and how my fear of that negative review has made me respond to those situations, and what I can take away from the whole process (one of which is ongoing) and hopefully I can help anyone else ..
Green, What One Is Right For The Job?
Created: 19/12/2018Comments: 0
GREEN Frankenstein, mermaid, snake, dinosaur, leaves…which is the right green for the job? When it comes to green face paint there are so many different shades and it’s essential to get it right, after all no one wants a shimmery mint Hulk. Here’s a guide to the best greens for the most popular on-the-job faces; Mermaid – this is all abo..
Created: 18/12/2018Comments: 0
Hello Painters!Can you believe it is almost 2019? I am really excited for this New Year and what it will bring for me, my family and my business. It has been a tough year for me, for a number of reasons, but 2019 already has lots of things to look forward to, including an awards ceremony in March, and some training with the amazing Annie Reynolds, in July.I have been thinking this wee..
10 Reasons You Need A Practice Board In Your Kit
Created: 18/12/2018Comments: 0
10 Reasons You Need a Practice Board in Your Kit Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and super busy over this festive period. Is it just me or are you 10x busier than you were for Halloween? It’s crazy! Not that I’m complaining, it’s all good. I’m sure we are all making our festive wish lists too, and with that in mind I thought I’d write this blog.&n..
Snow Globe Belly Bump Step-by-Step
Created: 14/12/2018Comments: 0
Snow Globe Belly Art Step by Step How are we halfway through December already?! I had something completely different planned for this post, but then they new Practice Board arrived and I needed to try it out! I have already said how much I love the Training Tried and Tested boards, and over the summer I started doing my first belly paints, and have wanted to add the Mother to Be ..
Long Weekends, Awards & Managing Family Life
Created: 07/12/2018Comments: 0
LONG WEEKENDS, AWARDS & MANAGING FAMILY LIFE So this week has been pretty epic for me, for two reasons. Firstly, I had an amazing long weekend away with my favourite people, to my favourite place (Donegal, Ireland). I was ready for some serious destressing and it was so good to spend some quality time with my kids, my husband, my dad, and his partner. Secondly, it came as a c..
Maximising Profit at Pay Per Face Events
Created: 07/12/2018Comments: 1
How to Maximise Profit at a Pay Per Face Event!  I like a good, busy PPF event occasionally. I did plenty of dismal ones when I first started out, might have even cried a bit on the way home after not even making the price of stall fee back. It’s always best to have guaranteed income and be paid your hourly rate but for some events that isn’t an option availabl..
Penguin Crown Step-by-Step
Created: 03/12/2018Comments: 0
Hello again everyone, how are you all doing? Just a quick one from me today! I don’t know about you, but it’s already looking like my December is going to be busier than myOctober! Today I wanted to share a quick set by step for my penguin crown. It’s so simple but I really love this design!   Products used:Sally-Ann Lynch 4 face A2 board ..
The Need for Speed
Created: 27/11/2018Comments: 0
The Need for Speed When I first started out face painting, I sought out advice from a very experienced painter in my area, whom is now a great friend.  Amongst all of the wonderful advice she gave me, I remember she told me that I should eventually be able to paint around 15 faces an hour.  At the time, I was averaging about 15 minutes a face! So was quite overwhelmed ..
Let's talk about Instagram, Part 2
Created: 27/11/2018Comments: 0
Let’s talk about instagram, part 2 In part 1 I covered the basics of Instagram and getting started with it. In this post, part 2, I’m going to talk about the business tools, how to make the most of them, and some of the extra features.  How to make your profile a business profile There are so many benefits of turning your profile into a..
Created: 27/11/2018Comments: 0
Hi Everyone! I hope that you have all enjoyed the rest week between Halloween finishing and the Christmas jobs starting! The season starts for me on Saturday, with a ‘switching on of the lights’ event, and I am both horrified that it’s not even December yet, and yet really looking forward to the Christmas tunes! With this event in mind, I have created a little video showing three super ea..
Festive Foliage Step-By-Step
Created: 19/11/2018Comments: 0
Festive Foliage step-by-step Excited for Christmas? In our house we don’t decorate till after my husband’s December birthday so I have to fit all my festive fantasy into my face-painting. I’ve seen lots of holly berry tutorials this week but I want to show you a couple of other wintery wonders to pepper into your designs. I’ve also done a time lapse so you can see ho..
Training Tried and Tested, A Review
Created: 09/11/2018Comments: 0
Training Tried and Tested, a Review Practice makes perfect, it’s a well known fact. We learn through making mistakes, appraisal and creating muscle memory. When I started face painting, I printed out a face chart and laminated it and that’s how I practiced, but the plastic is far too smooth, and the colours don’t show very well. After a few months (I don’t know why I wait..