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Lets talk about Hygiene by Kathryn Craig
Created: 29/10/2018Comments: 0
Hi everyone! By the time you read this you are probably in the midst of the Halloween madness, knee deep in latex and fake blood! I hope it’s a lucrative period for you all, and look forward to seeing the amazing faces that you have all created!This week I am going to talk hygiene. Everyone has their own ideas about what best practice means for them, and as there is no actual official ru..
Kit Essentials... Cake Paints by Mazz Loxton
Created: 26/10/2018Comments: 0
Kit Essentials-cake paints This week I thought I would continue my ‘kit essentials’ series and talk about my essential cake paints to take on a face paint job.This is pretty much all the cake paints I’ll take on a general paint job, but if I have a themed event I adjust my kit accordingly. I don’t like to take much more paint than this out with me as I use a lot of rainbo..
Skeletal Unicorn Step-by-Step... Rosemary Black
Created: 22/10/2018Comments: 0
One-Stroke Skeletal Unicorn step-by-step  Updating my one-stroke unicorn for the spooky season. I picked some unusual colour choices to show up against my black practice board but I actually quite like the colourful undead unicorn(??).   The head is Global Fun Stroke Kalahari and the hair is Global Fun Stroke Moscow.   ..
Diversifying your Business by Joni Nettleship
Created: 19/10/2018Comments: 0
Diversifying Your Business: running workshops This week’s blog will talk you through how to earn money through diversifying your business; in particular, teaching children’s face painting workshops. Kids love to be painted but they love painting themselves even more. From the 4 year old who instantly becomes Hulk with a muddy-green, watery face to the quie..
An Interview With Our Very Own Nathalie Farmer
Created: 18/10/2018Comments: 0
Hello everyone! By now I’m sure you are all in full swing preparing for the Halloween madness to begin. I know that Halloween is a crazy time of year for the girls in the shop too and that they are all working flat out to get orders out to you all! For those of you who don’t know, The Face Painting shop is the brainchild of Nathalie Farmer, and this week, I have interviewed Nathalie about t..
Step by Step Zombie Tutorial by Kathryn Craig
Created: 15/10/2018Comments: 0
Hello from rainy Belfast! Autumn is here, and for us painters, that means one thing only. HALLOWEEN! I’m going to admit right here, that I don’t especially like Halloween! It is great for business, and it is nice to be able to work on more detailed ‘one off’ faces rather than the usual party scene faces, but scary faces aren’t really my ‘thing’, and I do get a little frustrated by..
How to Clean Your Brushes... Jane Harding
Created: 11/10/2018Comments: 2
How To Clean Your Face Painting Brushes – By Jane HardingHello everyone! Welcome to my weekly blog. If you have read my others, then ‘Thanks, I’m so glad you’re back’…. And if this is your first time, then ‘Welcome, it’s great to have you here’! Last week I blogged about face paint and my favourite things of all… BRUSHES!So to keep a little on topic,..
Halloween Kit Must-Haves... Kate Brown
Created: 11/10/2018Comments: 0
Halloween Kit Must-HavesBy Kate Brown As promised this week I wanted to run you through some of my Halloween must-have products.  Products that have got me through the craziest, busiest Halloween events, and have helped me create some cool special effects.  Like a lot of you (and my fellow bloggers!) I am a bit of a face paint addict, and am always trying to find n..
A Beginners Guide to Body Painting
Created: 06/10/2018Comments: 1
A Beginners Guide to Body Painting! My first encounter with body painting was at my first trip to IMATS! I just wanted to sit and watch everyone’s creations come together, I could have stayed there all day!  Body painting can be a really daunting prospect when it’s something you haven’t done before, but once you start you won’t want to stop! What Paint..
My Kit, Solid Colours... Kathryn Craig
Created: 30/09/2018Comments: 1
Hello painters! We are currently housebound due to Storm Ali, and some kind of virus, so I’m taking advantage of the peace to write my third blog piece! This week I am continuing with the ‘My Kit’ theme, and will be swatching all of my solid colours for you. Personally (and compared to my one stroke collection!) I don’t think that I carry an excessive amount of solid colours! My general..
Adult Eye Designs by Mazz
Created: 28/09/2018Comments: 4
Hello again everyone! I thought I would talk about adult designs this week, especially with Halloween, Christmas and New Year all now coming up. I’ve chosen designs that I think are all really versatile and work in different settings. When I did my first adult party, I got to about 2 weeks before the party before it occurred to me that they wouldn’t want the same thing as kids. I ended up d..
My 2 Minute Rainbow Unicorn... Joni Nettleship
Created: 24/09/2018Comments: 0
My 2 minute, full face, rainbow unicorn. The most requested design of the summer and it’s still going strong. Here’s how to knock out a full face unicorn in less than 2 minutes.(video done on the job at my usual weekend lunchtime gig, model is my daughter hence the roughness lol. Products used;  homemade neon rainbow cake, TAG pearl white, Global fun stroke Paris, G..
When it all goes wrong... Joni Nettleship
Created: 24/09/2018Comments: 3
When It All Goes Wrong It will happen to you and if it hasn’t yet, its just a matter of time. The messed-up design, the forgotten party, the upset parent. Mostly things run smoothly but sometimes things do go wrong and, believe it or not, it’s okay, the child will be happy, the host can be recompensed, the parent placated. We learn from our mistakes and should actually be gra..
Get Your Halloween On... Kate Brown
Created: 24/09/2018Comments: 2
Get Your Halloween On….. Whether you love it, or hate it, the Spooktacular season is on its way!  I thought I’d write my second blog about my top tips for getting through those few crazy weeks unscathed.  Halloween is probably our busiest time of the year, and the earning potential in these few short weeks is huge!!  To maximise this there are lots of things yo..
A Beginners Guide to Face Paint & Brushes, Jane Harding
Created: 21/09/2018Comments: 2
A Beginners Guide to Face Paint & Brushes Are you just starting out in the world of Face Painting? Do you ask yourself any of these questions… What is the best paint to buy? What brushes should I get? Then this is the blog for you. I am going to run you through a basic guide of what I think would set you up well to..