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How to Clean Your Brushes... Jane Harding
Created: 11/10/2018Comments: 2
How To Clean Your Face Painting Brushes – By Jane HardingHello everyone! Welcome to my weekly blog. If you have read my others, then ‘Thanks, I’m so glad you’re back’…. And if this is your first time, then ‘Welcome, it’s great to have you here’! Last week I blogged about face paint and my favourite things of all… BRUSHES!So to keep a little on topic,..
Halloween Kit Must-Haves... Kate Brown
Created: 11/10/2018Comments: 0
Halloween Kit Must-HavesBy Kate Brown As promised this week I wanted to run you through some of my Halloween must-have products.  Products that have got me through the craziest, busiest Halloween events, and have helped me create some cool special effects.  Like a lot of you (and my fellow bloggers!) I am a bit of a face paint addict, and am always trying to find n..
A Beginners Guide to Body Painting
Created: 06/10/2018Comments: 1
A Beginners Guide to Body Painting! My first encounter with body painting was at my first trip to IMATS! I just wanted to sit and watch everyone’s creations come together, I could have stayed there all day!  Body painting can be a really daunting prospect when it’s something you haven’t done before, but once you start you won’t want to stop! What Paint..
My Kit, Solid Colours... Kathryn Craig
Created: 30/09/2018Comments: 1
Hello painters! We are currently housebound due to Storm Ali, and some kind of virus, so I’m taking advantage of the peace to write my third blog piece! This week I am continuing with the ‘My Kit’ theme, and will be swatching all of my solid colours for you. Personally (and compared to my one stroke collection!) I don’t think that I carry an excessive amount of solid colours! My general..
Adult Eye Designs by Mazz
Created: 28/09/2018Comments: 4
Hello again everyone! I thought I would talk about adult designs this week, especially with Halloween, Christmas and New Year all now coming up. I’ve chosen designs that I think are all really versatile and work in different settings. When I did my first adult party, I got to about 2 weeks before the party before it occurred to me that they wouldn’t want the same thing as kids. I ended up d..
My 2 Minute Rainbow Unicorn... Joni Nettleship
Created: 24/09/2018Comments: 0
My 2 minute, full face, rainbow unicorn. The most requested design of the summer and it’s still going strong. Here’s how to knock out a full face unicorn in less than 2 minutes.(video done on the job at my usual weekend lunchtime gig, model is my daughter hence the roughness lol. Products used;  homemade neon rainbow cake, TAG pearl white, Global fun stroke Paris, G..
When it all goes wrong... Joni Nettleship
Created: 24/09/2018Comments: 3
When It All Goes Wrong It will happen to you and if it hasn’t yet, its just a matter of time. The messed-up design, the forgotten party, the upset parent. Mostly things run smoothly but sometimes things do go wrong and, believe it or not, it’s okay, the child will be happy, the host can be recompensed, the parent placated. We learn from our mistakes and should actually be gra..
Get Your Halloween On... Kate Brown
Created: 24/09/2018Comments: 2
Get Your Halloween On….. Whether you love it, or hate it, the Spooktacular season is on its way!  I thought I’d write my second blog about my top tips for getting through those few crazy weeks unscathed.  Halloween is probably our busiest time of the year, and the earning potential in these few short weeks is huge!!  To maximise this there are lots of things yo..
A Beginners Guide to Face Paint & Brushes, Jane Harding
Created: 21/09/2018Comments: 2
A Beginners Guide to Face Paint & Brushes Are you just starting out in the world of Face Painting? Do you ask yourself any of these questions… What is the best paint to buy? What brushes should I get? Then this is the blog for you. I am going to run you through a basic guide of what I think would set you up well to..
Kit Essentials.. Brushes by Mazz Loxton
Created: 20/09/2018Comments: 1
When I first started thinking about writing a post about my kit essentials, I was going to do the whole lot in one. I then realised that actually there’s too much to say to cover all my kit essentials in one post, so I’ve decided to break it down into various categories, and this week, I’m going to talk about brushes. Good brushes can make a huge different to your work, and..
Working Smarter, Joni Nettleship
Created: 19/09/2018Comments: 1
I’m like you, a working face painter who spends Saturdays in noisy halls painting Spiderman and unicorns on sweaty, overexcited children. We love our work but sometimes it can be tricky; at busy birthday parties speed is of the essence, especially if the children are quite young. This week’s blog post is about face painting on the job and how your kit can help you speed up while maintaining..
My One Stroke Collection, Kathryn Craig
Created: 18/09/2018Comments: 1
Hi everyone, and thank you for coming back to read my second blog post! This week, I am going to introduce you to my lovely collection of one stroke paints! Let me start by saying that I know that I have a lot of them! I carry 26 one strokes in my everyday kit, and although I have reduced this number on many occasions, it always creeps back up again! I admit that I buy paints lik..
When we start face painting.... Joni Nettleship
Created: 13/09/2018Comments: 5
To kickstart this new blog I want to talk about a subject us face painters all seem to suffer from at some point – self-doubt. When we start face painting professionally we think ‘can I do this?’, ‘am I good enough?’, ‘am I too expensive?’, ‘will people book me?’These are normal questions when we start something new, of course they are, it’s uncharte..
Who, What, Where, Why, How?... Sophie Alvarez
Created: 11/09/2018Comments: 11
Hello and a warm welcome to all you Lovely Readers of this Blog.   WOW!... I’m utterly thrilled and grateful to be part of this wonderful blogging team and am excited to experience this new adventure with you all.   I’ll do an intro about my background and business and then we’ll take a look at and..
Yes this is my ACTUAL job…Kate Brown
Created: 11/09/2018Comments: 3
Hi I’m Kate, and yes this is my ACTUAL job…..  My husband asked me the other day “if we were to win millions on the lottery, would you still do your face painting?”… my answer was a resolute YES.  I think that there probably aren’t many people in this life that could say that.  I have a job (and yes, non-painter type people it’s an actual JO..