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Created: 14/02/2019Comments: 0
HOW TO PAINT A CUTE LOVE HEART DESIGNHi Everyone!Welcome back and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I hope you enjoyed this quick and super cute little love heart design, perfect to paint on the arm, cheek or reposition the rainbows to place on the forehead.My TOP TIP for this design is to practice your one stroke whilst twisting the brush. It can be a little tricky at first, but just keep ..
Created: 11/02/2019Comments: 0
My Top Five Products I was at a job with a painty colleague the other day and we had a lull, and started to talk about our ‘rescue-from-a-fire face painting products’ – so if (and I know, I know - you don’t EVER want to envisage this) your kit was on fire – what would you save?   If like me, you have a ridiculous amount of kit and adore shopping for face pai..
Wonder Woman Step By Step
Created: 08/02/2019Comments: 0
WONDER WOMAN STEP BY STEPS BY JANE HARDINGHello Again!I hope this quick little Blog/Step By Step finds you well? After a somewhat quiet January (gig wise), I am looking forward to some exciting jobs I’ve managed to book in for the year to come.I am also excited to be having Sunday off this week (10th Feb) to attend the Midlands Jam being help up in Chesterfield. This will be my..
Festive Foliage Step-By-Step
Created: 19/11/2018Comments: 0
Festive Foliage step-by-step Excited for Christmas? In our house we don’t decorate till after my husband’s December birthday so I have to fit all my festive fantasy into my face-painting. I’ve seen lots of holly berry tutorials this week but I want to show you a couple of other wintery wonders to pepper into your designs. I’ve also done a time lapse so you can see ho..
A Beginners Guide to Face Paint & Brushes, Jane Harding
Created: 21/09/2018Comments: 2
A Beginners Guide to Face Paint & Brushes Are you just starting out in the world of Face Painting? Do you ask yourself any of these questions… What is the best paint to buy? What brushes should I get? Then this is the blog for you. I am going to run you through a basic guide of what I think would set you up well to..
When we start face painting.... Joni Nettleship
Created: 13/09/2018Comments: 5
To kickstart this new blog I want to talk about a subject us face painters all seem to suffer from at some point – self-doubt. When we start face painting professionally we think ‘can I do this?’, ‘am I good enough?’, ‘am I too expensive?’, ‘will people book me?’These are normal questions when we start something new, of course they are, it’s uncharte..
Who, What, Where, Why, How?... Sophie Alvarez
Created: 11/09/2018Comments: 11
Hello and a warm welcome to all you Lovely Readers of this Blog.   WOW!... I’m utterly thrilled and grateful to be part of this wonderful blogging team and am excited to experience this new adventure with you all.   I’ll do an intro about my background and business and then we’ll take a look at and..
Yes this is my ACTUAL job…Kate Brown
Created: 11/09/2018Comments: 3
Hi I’m Kate, and yes this is my ACTUAL job…..  My husband asked me the other day “if we were to win millions on the lottery, would you still do your face painting?”… my answer was a resolute YES.  I think that there probably aren’t many people in this life that could say that.  I have a job (and yes, non-painter type people it’s an actual JO..
Who am I and how did I get here?! ....Jane Harding
Created: 09/09/2018Comments: 14
  Hi There!! Welcome to my first EVER blog, my name is Jane, I’m 40 and live in Leicestershire UK with Mark (human) and our fur babies Ted (dog) & Socks (cat). I hope to take you on a somewhat brief journey of how I found face painting and how it became my full time job.In January 2017 I launched my face painting business ‘Daisy Jane’s Face painting’, w..
Hello it's me....Kathryn Craig
Created: 09/09/2018Comments: 4
Well here it is… my first EVER blog post!I am super excited to have been asked to blog on behalf of The Face Painting Shop, and, I’ll admit, I’m a little daunted at the prospect! I hope I can, along with the other wonderful ladies on board, manage to share things that are useful and interesting to you all. I thought that I should start by introducing myself to you, and talking briefl..
Lowe Cornell Brushes
Created: 15/01/2015Comments: 1
Hello Everyone!Here is my first blog entry for The Face Painting Shop and I am delighted to have been asked to be here!I thought I would start with a quick review of some brushes which I have noticed people on facebook groups asking about! The Loew Cornell Flora Brush: No. 10, Loew Cornell dagger Brush: 1/4 inch and the Loew Cornell double filbert brush: No. 8..
Charlotte Gardner - Pumpkin step by step face painting designs
Created: 09/10/2014Comments: 2
Pumpkin MaskProduct List:Superstar Matt BlueSuperstar SkyBlueSuperstar WhiteSuperstar BlackTag Frangipani One StrokeGlobal Amazon FunStrokeFacePaintingShop No2 Round BrushSpongeHot Wing 8005 Leaf Stencil Step 1The base is not a necessary addition but it really brings out the colour of the mask and the contrast of the blu..
Fairy step by step face painting design by Nicola White
Created: 09/10/2014Comments: 1
Introducing The amazing Nicola White as another of our resident step by step bloggers. Hi everyone, I'm Nicola. Well, my very first experience of face painting was 10 years ago when I worked in Fuerteventura as a children’s entertainer. We were given a basic Snazaroo kit, a book of fast faces and told to charge 3 Euros per face. I have always been fairly good at art but fa..
Charlotte Gardner - Step By Step Zombie Face Painting Design
Created: 09/10/2014Comments: 0
Zombie List of Products:Superstar BlackSuperstar WhiteSuperstar Med BrownSuperstar MustardSuperstar Olive GreenSuperstar Blood RedGrimas SL6 brushFace Painting Shop No.2 BrushFace Painting Shop No.4 BrushKryolan Cream Colour Bruise WheelKryolan Fresh ScratchSponges  Step 1Sponge on base with..
Charlotte Gardner - Skull Step by Step face painting design
Created: 27/09/2014Comments: 0
For my next Tutorial I have created a skull.  Personally I find it easier to get the shape of the skull down first to make sure it's in proportion and equal.  So I fill in my shaded areas first using Global Silver and Wolfe Black.  ..