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Kate Browns Booking Process
Created: 19/02/2020Comments: 0
Hi All! I often see questions on the various Facebook groups asking about taking deposits, contracts, and the booking process in general so I thought I would run you through my booking process!  It’s simple, professional and straightforward and protects me against running into any difficulties in the run-up to, or during a job. Enquiries – most of my enquiries come throu..
Resource Business Series
Created: 10/03/2017Comments: 4
  Business Resources for Face Painters Introduction – the blog you've all been waiting for!You have spent a small fortune on the best quality products. You have spent countless hours improving your skills, getting your name out there, and painting on the job. You keep your kit clean, turn up on time and maintain high levels of good customer service. For all inten..
Tips on Improving your Face and Body Art Photos!
Created: 30/08/2016Comments: 0
Tips on Improving your Face and Body Art Photos! Why is good quality photography so important? Photos are every creative artists golden ticket to sure business – when done right! For a long time I was becoming increasingly frustrated when my photos weren't getting the engagement that I needed for my business to grow. One day, I had an epiphany! My photos were act..
Party Time!!
Created: 27/04/2015Comments: 0
Come and join us for an evening of wine, cake, special offers, paint and of course our legendary goody bags to celebrate our 2nd birthday and the 2nd issue of Dupe Magazine. We have a ton of surprises up our sleeve for this extra special party to make you all feel like a million dollars ;-) Everyone is welcome - including little people From 5.30pm at The Face Painting Shop&n..
Mad Hatters Tea Party Park Lane London
Created: 20/01/2015Comments: 1
Mad Hatters Tea Party in Park Lane LondonWell I have just got back from a lovely day painting at the London Taxi Driver’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at the Grosvenor House Hotel!What an absolute blast!The charity was formed in 1928 for underprivileged children, and every year they host a party and various outings for children and their carers. Taxi driver, Raymond, and his w..
Lowe Cornell Brushes
Created: 15/01/2015Comments: 1
Hello Everyone!Here is my first blog entry for The Face Painting Shop and I am delighted to have been asked to be here!I thought I would start with a quick review of some brushes which I have noticed people on facebook groups asking about! The Loew Cornell Flora Brush: No. 10, Loew Cornell dagger Brush: 1/4 inch and the Loew Cornell double filbert brush: No. 8..
Created: 05/09/2014Comments: 1
Do you use Tumblr for blogging? Its a awsome - its FREE and its easy to use. You can now download the app on any smart phone, tablet or conect through your desktop.Its easy to use features include key word hash tagging, easy to upload photos, and also easy to post links. You can easily add a link to your website too - therefore adding more content to your website and in turn..