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The Face Painting Shop Statement Re Covid-19 Procedure Implementation
Created: 16/03/2020Comments: 0
 The Face Painting Shop Statement Re Covid-19 Procedure Implementation We have been keeping a close eye on global developments regarding Covid-19 and planning on how we can best protect the health of our customers and employees and continue to trade. We feel that it is now time to implement the following procedures: · The Face Painting Shop has been,..
Basic Face Painting Hygiene Practices
Created: 12/03/2020Comments: 0
Basic Face Painting Hygiene Practices *DISCLAIMER* I wrote this over a week ago, and things have changed and progressed. I also appreciate that I am very lucky to be in a position that I have no underlying health conditions, and might, therefore, have a different perspective to others.Ok, so there’s lots of scary stuff in the news at the moment about corona virus, and I ju..
Kate Browns Booking Process
Created: 19/02/2020Comments: 0
Hi All! I often see questions on the various Facebook groups asking about taking deposits, contracts, and the booking process in general so I thought I would run you through my booking process!  It’s simple, professional and straightforward and protects me against running into any difficulties in the run-up to, or during a job. Enquiries – most of my enquiries come throu..
Dont give up by - Hazel
Created: 17/12/2019Comments: 1
Hi, guys, my name is Hazel and I'm a face painter based in Nottingham, and this is my first blog, it might be a tad long but It explains how I've got to where I am today despite all the knockbacks life has thrown at me. Some of it is business-related but mostly personal. I know some people have been through similar things so wanted to share my story as I know some may relate.My face painti..
Created: 31/07/2019Comments: 0
HOW I KEEP MY KIT CLEAN TOP TIPS - By Jane HardingHello Everyone!How are we? Good I hope and ready for the busy summer ahead. It’s been a little while since my last ‘written’ blog but I did film a tutorial of my ‘Pretty Floral Eye Design’ in real time, so if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:https://youtu.be/y0fK063dLmkI’ve been wracking my brain on wh..
Multi Purpose Products - By Kate Brown
Created: 11/07/2019Comments: 1
My blog this time is about how we can make the most of the amazing products that are available to us now.  Years ago, face painters had to paint colours onto sponges to get that rainbow cake effect that we have now, or individually paint the different colours of the rainbow.  We are so lucky that the quality of the paints now are amazing  and we have so much choice too! ..
New You Tube Video - Festival Swirls and Glitter Design
Created: 24/06/2017Comments: 0
Top 10 Most Popular Requested Face Painting Designs
Created: 22/04/2017Comments: 2
Top 10 Most Popular Requested Face Painting DesignsWhen first starting out on your face painting journey, you may feel a little like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. With such a high standard of face painting nowadays, it's understandable to feel overwhelmed and not sure where to begin! That's why we've come up with this blog of the Top 10 Most Popular Requested Face Painting Designs th..
The importance of keeping your face painting kit clean
Created: 03/03/2017Comments: 0
The importance of keeping your face painting kit clean When you first start off in the world of face and body painting, you tend to be pulled in to all of the amazing colours and rainbow cakes, the fabulous brushes and incredible artists. Good kit hygiene is rarely the first thing that comes to mind for anyone. Nevertheless, it is a topic that should be at the forefront for ..
Christmas Fairy Face Painting Tutorial
Created: 06/12/2016Comments: 0
Christmas Festive Fairy Face Painting Tutorial Instructions and Product List Use some global glitter gel at the hairline.Add some stars on top for a magical effect. Sponge on some fairy wings in Global Pearl Green. The double wing shape is very flattering. Use a brown tone and a small round brush to create sometwigs on both sides bel..
Christmas Party
Created: 18/11/2016Comments: 0
 We are having a small Christmas gathering in connection with the Painty People Periscope Group. The party will be a great opportunity to network with fellow face painters, take party in some festive fun and games. We will have lots of drinks and nibbles avaible and also a few surprises up our sleeve. The cost is £10.00 per person.(payable in advance or on the day) we have..
Easy Puppy Face Painting Tutorial
Created: 11/08/2016Comments: 0
Super Simple Puppy Face Paint Tutorial Instructions and Products listed below! We use a filbert brush and white paint to create an oval shaped muzzle. Using a flat or angled brush and a colour of your choice, create some floppy ears. Fill in the middle area, connecting it with the muzzle.  Don't bring the colour down further than the muzzle. Use a darker shade of your ch..
One Stroke Face Painting Workshop with Sally Ann Lynch | The Face Painting Shop
Created: 25/07/2016Comments: 0
One Stroke Face Painting Rose Tutorial
Created: 07/07/2016Comments: 0
 One Stroke Hulk Face Painting Tutorial | The Face Painting Shop
Created: 20/05/2016Comments: 0
  Hulk One Stroke Face Painting Tutorial Instructions:Placement is very important in this version of 'Hulk'. Place Hulks nose almost right between the eyes.Create angry looking one stroke swoops to frame the eyes.Next, frame the area where the mouth will go, and continue framing the area around with strokes in the same direction.The chin can ..