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Kate Browns Booking Process
Created: 19/02/2020Comments: 0
Hi All! I often see questions on the various Facebook groups asking about taking deposits, contracts, and the booking process in general so I thought I would run you through my booking process!  It’s simple, professional and straightforward and protects me against running into any difficulties in the run-up to, or during a job. Enquiries – most of my enquiries come throu..
Created: 30/05/2019Comments: 0
The Game Changers Hey yoouuu guuuuyssss!  I hope you are all well and getting ready for the start of Summer - crazy season!  I don’t know if it’s been the same for you but the first part of this year was a little quiet for business in these parts – I was starting to get a little worried to be honest!  Luckily summer is shaping up to be SUPER BUSY and I’m e..
Created: 09/04/2019Comments: 0
 Face Painting and Autism Awareness Month Hi all,  well here we are in in April already, if you didn’t know it’s Autism Awareness Month so I thought I would write my blog this time on face painting children and adults with additional needs.  Before I had my two little boys, my career was spent helping people on the Autistic Spectrum, so it is a subject clo..
Created: 11/02/2019Comments: 0
My Top Five Products I was at a job with a painty colleague the other day and we had a lull, and started to talk about our ‘rescue-from-a-fire face painting products’ – so if (and I know, I know - you don’t EVER want to envisage this) your kit was on fire – what would you save?   If like me, you have a ridiculous amount of kit and adore shopping for face pai..
A Few Tips on Marketing
Created: 21/01/2019Comments: 0
Happy New Year to all my face painting friends and colleagues, I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas!  Now that all the festivities are out of the way it’s time to knuckle down to work and January is the perfect time to hit your marketing hard to get that diary nice and full up for 2019.  I’ve compiled 5 top marketing tips to help you do this – good luck!  F..
The Need for Speed
Created: 27/11/2018Comments: 0
The Need for Speed When I first started out face painting, I sought out advice from a very experienced painter in my area, whom is now a great friend.  Amongst all of the wonderful advice she gave me, I remember she told me that I should eventually be able to paint around 15 faces an hour.  At the time, I was averaging about 15 minutes a face! So was quite overwhelmed ..
Festive Foliage Step-By-Step
Created: 19/11/2018Comments: 0
Festive Foliage step-by-step Excited for Christmas? In our house we don’t decorate till after my husband’s December birthday so I have to fit all my festive fantasy into my face-painting. I’ve seen lots of holly berry tutorials this week but I want to show you a couple of other wintery wonders to pepper into your designs. I’ve also done a time lapse so you can see ho..
Buy from the High Street? Think Again!
Created: 06/11/2018Comments: 1
Buy from the High street? Think Again! Hey y’all!  Halloween time has been and gone already and I hope you have survived, with backs intact and pockets heavier!  Is everyone Halloweened-out?  I hope not…..This week I thought I’d have a little fun.   Whenever I’m out shopping at the high street or supermarket, I’m always drawn to the Hallowe..
Halloween Kit Must-Haves... Kate Brown
Created: 11/10/2018Comments: 0
Halloween Kit Must-HavesBy Kate Brown As promised this week I wanted to run you through some of my Halloween must-have products.  Products that have got me through the craziest, busiest Halloween events, and have helped me create some cool special effects.  Like a lot of you (and my fellow bloggers!) I am a bit of a face paint addict, and am always trying to find n..
Get Your Halloween On... Kate Brown
Created: 24/09/2018Comments: 2
Get Your Halloween On….. Whether you love it, or hate it, the Spooktacular season is on its way!  I thought I’d write my second blog about my top tips for getting through those few crazy weeks unscathed.  Halloween is probably our busiest time of the year, and the earning potential in these few short weeks is huge!!  To maximise this there are lots of things yo..
Yes this is my ACTUAL job…Kate Brown
Created: 11/09/2018Comments: 3
Hi I’m Kate, and yes this is my ACTUAL job…..  My husband asked me the other day “if we were to win millions on the lottery, would you still do your face painting?”… my answer was a resolute YES.  I think that there probably aren’t many people in this life that could say that.  I have a job (and yes, non-painter type people it’s an actual JO..