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Rainbow Sugar Skull By Mazz Loxton
Created: 13/09/2019Comments: 0
Hello everyone! Did you enjoy the summer? Are you now very excited that Halloween is well and truly on it’s way? I am! Today I have a quick Step by Step Rainbow sugar skull, using the Global Carnival palette, and Kryolan tv paint stick in 070 as a base. When I take private appointments for things like skulls and sugar skulls, I personally prefer to work with foundation as a base, as it fe..
Created: 30/05/2019Comments: 0
Let’s be Eco Warriors!So, a couple of weeks ago, after a bit of a strongly worded conversation with Alex about who got to use the car that I pay for (which I lost so he could get to  a brass band thing he signed up for AFTER I’d already been booked…) I had to get the train to a gig. Yes, I’m serious, but I’m still gonna marry the bastard. Not that I’m still annoyed about..
Created: 28/05/2019Comments: 0
The French Body Panting Awards 2019At the beginning of the month I competed at the French Body paintingawards, and was so excited to get the photo’s back the other day, so Ithought I would tell you all about it, from concept and design to the actualevent itself. For those of you that have been thinking about competing, Ihope this gives you a little bit of insight..
Game of Thrones Inspired Belly Paint
Created: 02/04/2019Comments: 0
Dragons are coming… I mean, Winter is coming. Those of us who are ‘Game of Thrones’ fans have been counting down for a very long time for the start of the final season, and the time is nearly upon us! I’ve been re-watching the whole series again from the beginning (as I’m sure other people have been too!) in order to refresh myself ready for Sunday 14th April, and it ga..
Top Fast Designs
Created: 21/03/2019Comments: 0
Fast Designs After a long, slow few months after Christmas, it’s getting to that time again where some of us might have a few ppf’s coming up, wether that’s a particular village fete you do every year or an exciting new event. I have also been asked by a client to give examples of fast designs to show her boss, as they have 100 children attending a 3 hour event (and I can t..
My Top 5 Products by Mazz
Created: 08/03/2019Comments: 0
My Top 5 Products Ok, so I like to think I have a relatively minimal kit as it is but this is hard! What I have also decided to do is paint up a few designs you can do with the 5 products I have chosen, because I think it can be very easy to forget just how versatile our products can be!  1: Well, by Kate’s same logic, if your brushes are all in one pot..
Created: 07/03/2019Comments: 0
How to build a website and why you absolutely need one! As far as I am concerned you can’t be in any kind of business and not have a website, it is so important! Not only does it mean that all of the information about you and your business is in one place for your clients to see easily, you can also be found via google search, and it makes your business more trustworthy.&n..
Public Liability Insurance
Created: 20/02/2019Comments: 2
Hello everyone! Today I am tackling that question that I see asked nearly every single day (ok not quite, but a lot!) about INSURANCE! I sent out the following email to various companies in the hope that they might be able to help. Good morningI was wondering if you would be able to put together an email or a chart for me detailing PLI insurance cover for face painting, Spec..
Simple Belly Art Step-By-Step
Created: 29/01/2019Comments: 1
Simple Bump Painting Step By Step Hi everyone! Today I have a simple Belly Art step by step. If I’m honest I sort of made it up as I went along but I knew I wanted to do something with lots of line work and then I went from there! Step 1The First thing I did was lay my background down, using 3 filbert brushes and DFX Uv Pink, Uv Purple and UV Blue...
Created: 21/01/2019Comments: 0
What’s in a (business) name? Hello everyone, did you have a good Christmas and New Year? I had a great festive season, Alex  and I (you will have seen Alex featured in my Joker Step by Step Post) got engaged! Now, I’m not just bragging for the sake of it, believe it or not it is actually relevant to what I have to say! Ok bragging a little bit, but that’s allowed right..
Galaxy Step-by-Step
Created: 19/12/2018Comments: 0
Galaxy Step By Step Hello again! How is everyone doing? Are we all bored of Christmas yet? Today I wanted to show you a step by step of how to achieve this really simple galaxy face paint! I absolutely love this design, I always get at least one or two people choosing this design per gig (when their not having unicorns, butterflies or Spider man)  but it’s the one my boyfr..
Created: 19/12/2018Comments: 1
The Fear of the Bad Review Come on, this can’t just be me? Forgive me if this post is a little self-indulgent, but I’ve been reflecting on a couple of situations I have found myself in, and how my fear of that negative review has made me respond to those situations, and what I can take away from the whole process (one of which is ongoing) and hopefully I can help anyone else ..
Snow Globe Belly Bump Step-by-Step
Created: 14/12/2018Comments: 0
Snow Globe Belly Art Step by Step How are we halfway through December already?! I had something completely different planned for this post, but then they new Practice Board arrived and I needed to try it out! I have already said how much I love the Training Tried and Tested boards, and over the summer I started doing my first belly paints, and have wanted to add the Mother to Be ..
Penguin Crown Step-by-Step
Created: 03/12/2018Comments: 0
Hello again everyone, how are you all doing? Just a quick one from me today! I don’t know about you, but it’s already looking like my December is going to be busier than myOctober! Today I wanted to share a quick set by step for my penguin crown. It’s so simple but I really love this design!   Products used:Sally-Ann Lynch 4 face A2 board ..
Let's talk about Instagram, Part 2
Created: 27/11/2018Comments: 0
Let’s talk about instagram, part 2 In part 1 I covered the basics of Instagram and getting started with it. In this post, part 2, I’m going to talk about the business tools, how to make the most of them, and some of the extra features.  How to make your profile a business profile There are so many benefits of turning your profile into a..