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Multi Purpose Products - By Kate Brown
Created: 11/07/2019Comments: 1
My blog this time is about how we can make the most of the amazing products that are available to us now.  Years ago, face painters had to paint colours onto sponges to get that rainbow cake effect that we have now, or individually paint the different colours of the rainbow.  We are so lucky that the quality of the paints now are amazing  and we have so much choice too! ..
The new and improved
Created: 12/06/2014Comments: 0
The new and improved rainbow cakes from Sillyfarm have now arrived in the UK. These amazing rainbow face painting cakes now come in a stackable rectangle container, making it the perfect pot for a face painters kit.Check out our huge range of rainbow cakes that we stock here : http://www.thefacepaintingshop.com/Face%20And%20Body%20Paint/SillyFarm/Silly%20Farm%20Rainbow%20Cakes  ..