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Created: 27/06/2019Comments: 1
What happens at the Coffee MorningBy Rosemary Black  In June I was very lucky to get a Tuesday to attend the free monthly coffee morning at the Eleven17 studios above The Face Painting Shop. The coffee morning is FREE, although you do need a ticket. Tickets are available when the event is announced on  Facebook.   While each coffee morning ..
One Stroke Mermaid Step By Step
Created: 09/04/2019Comments: 0
    If you’ve ever been asked to paint a mermaid on an arm and drawn a complete blank, then this is the blog for you. I got the inspiration for this mermaid from a polymer clay artist, because inspiration is everywhere. Even slightly human proportions can go very wrong very quickly, and before you know it your mermaid has giant boobs and no arms. S..
Eye Design Inspired by Ravenclaw
Created: 05/03/2019Comments: 0
 This week’s tutorial is based on the blue and bronze of Ravenclaw. I’m using my new Ooh stencil for the first time and I am so impressed. I’m not a big stencil user usually but I will definitely incorporate this one into more designs.   ..
Eye Design Inspired by Slytherin
Created: 12/02/2019Comments: 0
  For this design, inspired by my own Hogwarts house, I wanted to focus on the under eye with trailing snakey tendrils. The Face Painting Shop dagger brushes are great for these thin-to-thick lines.   Rosemary x ..
Practice and Inspiration
Created: 30/01/2019Comments: 0
 January is usually quieter for most of us so it is the perfect time to do something I don’t do enough of any more; PRACTICE. I would like to rangle more adult face-painting this year so I am creating new eye designs. But what to use for inspiration? You can always use other painters work as a reference, I like to analyse Brierly Thorpe and Caroline Tropicalbird’s on-the-job ..
Yoga for Face Painters
Created: 10/01/2019Comments: 0
  The new year is about breaking bad habits for me. An often overlooked bad habit for face-painters is our posture and health. We work multiple hour jobs, sitting or on our feet, leaning forward and our kit can be heavy. I can finish a long day and feel like I’m 80 years old! So I’ve teamed up with one of my very best friends, Keira May to talk through you some pose..
Free to Use Christmas Word Menu
Created: 19/12/2018Comments: 0
Merry Christmas to you face artists! Here’s an A4 word menu for you. Simply print out and embellish with a few one stroke designs. Then you can laminate or pop in a menu stand.  ..
Maximising Profit at Pay Per Face Events
Created: 07/12/2018Comments: 1
How to Maximise Profit at a Pay Per Face Event!  I like a good, busy PPF event occasionally. I did plenty of dismal ones when I first started out, might have even cried a bit on the way home after not even making the price of stall fee back. It’s always best to have guaranteed income and be paid your hourly rate but for some events that isn’t an option availabl..
I've Got The Powder
Created: 06/11/2018Comments: 0
I’ve got the Powder Rosemary Black Not everyone uses or knows what pigment powders are for so I thought I’d do a quick run down of the ones I own. Someone recently asked on the Facebook tips group what they should use for dripping paint tears instead of acrylic(!!). Pigment powders are the answer. I use them on adult faces mostly. They stay put a..
Skeletal Unicorn Step-by-Step... Rosemary Black
Created: 22/10/2018Comments: 0
One-Stroke Skeletal Unicorn step-by-step  Updating my one-stroke unicorn for the spooky season. I picked some unusual colour choices to show up against my black practice board but I actually quite like the colourful undead unicorn(??).   The head is Global Fun Stroke Kalahari and the hair is Global Fun Stroke Moscow.   ..