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Shark Tutorial by Emma Green
Created: 09/07/2019Comments: 0
 Our Blogger Emma Green has been busy creating this super quick and easy shark tutorial. .Products used : Diamond FX Sea Breeze - https://bit.ly/2XzyOdo Diamond FX White - https://bit.ly/2JmbcF9 Diamond FX Black - https://bit.ly/2LIjxo5 Global Red - https://bit.ly/32hev80 Round 2 Brush - https://bit.ly/2Xv6Y6G 1" Short Angled Brush - https://bit.ly/2Jp6Pcp Daisy Practice and..
Penny Wise SFX Tutorial
Created: 23/10/2018Comments: 0
Christmas Fairy Face Painting Tutorial
Created: 06/12/2016Comments: 0
Christmas Festive Fairy Face Painting Tutorial Instructions and Product List Use some global glitter gel at the hairline.Add some stars on top for a magical effect. Sponge on some fairy wings in Global Pearl Green. The double wing shape is very flattering. Use a brown tone and a small round brush to create sometwigs on both sides bel..
Unicorn Face Painting Tutorial
Created: 23/09/2016Comments: 0
Unicorn Face Painting Tutorial Instructions and Product Details Before we start, I'm going to go through 3 different types of basic horse head shapes, and some tips on painting eyes. There are many more, so look around and try out different styles to find out which best suits you! The first style is more like a realistic horse shape. Start by drawing a circula..
Easy Puppy Face Painting Tutorial
Created: 11/08/2016Comments: 0
Super Simple Puppy Face Paint Tutorial Instructions and Products listed below! We use a filbert brush and white paint to create an oval shaped muzzle. Using a flat or angled brush and a colour of your choice, create some floppy ears. Fill in the middle area, connecting it with the muzzle.  Don't bring the colour down further than the muzzle. Use a darker shade of your ch..
 One Stroke Hulk Face Painting Tutorial | The Face Painting Shop
Created: 20/05/2016Comments: 0
  Hulk One Stroke Face Painting Tutorial Instructions:Placement is very important in this version of 'Hulk'. Place Hulks nose almost right between the eyes.Create angry looking one stroke swoops to frame the eyes.Next, frame the area where the mouth will go, and continue framing the area around with strokes in the same direction.The chin can ..
 Spiderman Style Face Painting Tutorial | The Face Painting Shop
Created: 20/04/2016Comments: 0
Daffodil Face Painting Tutorial
Created: 04/04/2016Comments: 0
Butterfly Face Painting Tutorial
Created: 09/03/2016Comments: 0
How to perfect your face painting teardrops tutorial | The Face Painting Shop
Created: 02/03/2016Comments: 0
Tiger Cub Face Painting Tutorial
Created: 26/02/2016Comments: 0
Tribal Batman Style Face Painting Tutorial
Created: 18/02/2016Comments: 0