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Spirit Gum - Mastix

Brand: Kryloan
KRYOLAN SILICONE ADHESIVE REMOVER 500 ML PRODUCT CODE: 06533/00 DETAILS: 500 ml The Silicone Adhesive Remover works as a solvent for all silicone based skin adhesives and removes residues from the skin. Soak tissue or cotton wool with remover and let react for a while. After Removal, wa..
Prosaide 4oz-125ml
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Brand: Mouldlife
An old school favorite -– our best prosthetic water-based adhesive. Useful for a variety of uses, including special effects and professional makeup, as well as medical application. This waterproof, non-toxic and skin safe adhesive but can be difficult to remove from the skin. 125ml..
Brand: Kryloan
Remover and cleaning agent for Spirit Gum, TV Spirit Gum, and Ur-Spirit Gum 100ml..
Kryolan Acetone 1000ml
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Brand: Kryloan
DETAILS: 1000 ml Acetone is a universal solvent for PVC (Glatzan) as well as most resins, lacquers and lipids. It is very degreasing and should not be used on skin. While blending edges of Glatzan bald caps, apply very skimpily and avoid all unnecessary contact with skin.   only ava..
Kryolan Spirit Gum Remover and Thinner
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Brand: Kryloan
Remover and cleaning agent for Spirit Gum, TV Spirit Gum, and Ur-Spirit Gum 1000ml..
Brand: Kryloan
Remover and cleaning agent for Spirit Gum, TV Spirit Gum, and Ur-Spirit Gum 50ml..
Saving time and clean up for Elite Stencil application, the dispoable glue trays will hold enough body glue for one client’s treatment. The trays are meant to keep each application tidy AND sanitary and can hold about .25oz. Each pack contains 25 Glue Trays Pack is 5.5”x7”x1” Each tra..
Glimmer Body Glue 59ml
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Patented, latex-free and hypoallergenic, our G Body Glue is perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types and sets the stage for a glitter body art piece that will last up to 7 days. A wonderful, cost-effective solution to refilling the small bottles, the G Glue Refill will also come in ha..
Brand: Mouldlife
Aqua Fix is specifically formulated for sensitive skin and is non-irritating. All Aqua Fix is water-based and completely safe. When dry, Aqua Fix adhesive gives absolute waterproof bonds to all skin surfaces- the kind of adhesion that is required with prosthetic applications and the demanding needs ..
Y Body Pink Body Glue
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Brand: Y Body
The Original Pink Glue is the first glue that was ever developed for glitter tattoos, it is FDA registered and manufactured Exclusively to Ybody, LTD. The Glue was also successfully tested by the European Health Administration, it is waterproof and can last anywhere from 3 to 13 days on the skin. ..
Brand: Ben Nye
Ben Nye's sticky adhesive dries to a flat finish and keeps lace beards, hair pieces and prosthetic appliances attached firmly. Tap adhesive until "tacky" before use. 16 fl.oz  / 473ml..
Brand: Kryloan
Hydro Spirit Gum is an adhesive for make-up artists, containing no solvent, with water base. Hydro Spirit Gum is effective in adhering objects for short periods of time, and for holding down hair and eyebrows before they are covered with a bald cap or plastic film. Use a brush to apply Hydro Spirit ..
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