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Superstar ECO Butterfly Sponge Pack of 5
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Brand: Superstar
The Superstar ECO Butterfly A.K.A. the Petal Sponge is a purple sponge in the shape of a flower petal, which can be re-used. This sponge makes it very easy to create a butterfly or a beautiful eye design. Especially when used with the Dream Colours. The ECO Butterfly Sponge will be packed per ..
Paint Pal Black Mesh Sponge Bag
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Brand: Silly Farm
*Sponges NOT included The Paint Pal Mesh Sponge Bag is the perfect accessory for your kit. It holds your sponges in style and keeps your set up looking organized. Made of a durable black mesh, that allows your sponges to breathe and keeps away smells. You can wash your sponges directly in the b..
Tag Body Art Petal Sponges x 6
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Brand: Tag Body Art
6 x Petal Shaped Medium density sponges. Suitable for many applications. Washable and durable...
Green Petal Face Painting Sponge
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Superstar Eco sponges x 10
Out Of Stock
Brand: Superstar
  High Density Face Painting Sponges By Superstar Supplied in packs of 10..
Senjo sponges x 10
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Brand: Senjo
  Senjo sponges x 10 fine sponge for make up, facepainting, bodypainting 6cm x 3cm thick..
Diamond FX Blue Face Painting Sponge
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Brand: Diamond FX
Diameter 2 3/4" and about 1" thick. If you prefer a softer touch yet a firmness to hold the paint in your sponge, this is the product for you!! This sponge feels soft on the skin yet it slightly firmer than other sponges which allows for good control when getting in corners and making edges. ..
Brand: Jest Paints
Splash Sponge - The Droplet Sponge What are the dimensions of the Droplet Face Painting Sponge? The Splash Droplet Face Painting Sponge is approximately 2 3/8" tall from base to tip and 1 9/16" in diameter on its widest area. How to use the Droplet Face Painting Sponge? Use the b..
Black Party Xplosion Face Painting Sponge (SINGLE)
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Black Face Painting Sponges by Party Xplosion- Pack of 2 round sponges   Easy to clean, put your dirty sponges in a sponge bag and put in the washing machine, wash with mild detergent. Air dry. Top tip: Cut your sponge in half and use the cut flat surface to pick up paint from ..
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