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Zombie Skin 4oz

Zombie Skin 4oz (Zombie Skin 4oz)
Zombie Skin 4oz
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Zombie Skin is an ammonia free latex with the consistency of whipped butter or whipping cream. It can be used alone for cuts, gashes, wounds, bites, claw marks, and the rest is up to your imagination. Zombie skin can also be used to blend prosthetic edges on foam latex, latex, silicone, netting, and clothing. Zombie skin latex is currently being used by professionals in the special effects industry and by haunted attractions.

Latex allergies are very common, it is necessary to ask your model before application.

This latex product is sensitive to extreme changes in temperature (i.e. freezing is possible) To ensure top quality, we suggest OVERNIGHT shipping especially during the colder months of the year. If you do not want to pay OVERNIGHT shipping charges, we will not be responsible for any damages to the latex.

Zombie Skin Tips And Tricks:

  • Making pasties: Tear a circle in tissue or paper towel. Apply the ZS to the models skin, then place the circle material over top of it and smooth out with your finger. Once that is done, you can then cover the material with ZS till it is smooth. Once dry you do not have to powder, and will accept any paints both water based and alcohol based. I have used it with Mehron, Graftobian, European Body Art, and Wolfe FX.
  • Haunted Makeups: Due to the fact that this product dries very quickly, you can use it for blending edges on prosthetics. Just like Athena did on the Zombie-Skin GALLERY. She also used the ZS to cover the models underwear and netting material for the wings on the fantasy bat.
  • Making Cuts or Wounds: Start out by spreading the ZS on the person’s skin with a craft stick. Then take the craft stick. Give the ZS about 30 sec to start drying take the edge of the stick and make a cut in the ZS. As you make the cut you will see it start to pull away just like a cut does when you cut your skin. Take your paints and now just color and add blood as needed. (Remember less is more in some cases)
  • Wounds: Start out by spreading the ZS on the skin with a craft stick, then wait till the ZS is about half way dry. You will have to play with this to get the right timing. The ZS dries faster the warmer the person is as it works off the body heat to help it dry so fast. Once semi dry take a Qtip or Cotton Swab and push into the ZS then pull out the ZS. Once you have a hole in the ZS you can move it around to look like a deep wound, then just color with your favorite body paint.
  • Bites: This is the easiest of all the techniques that I have come up with. Just spread the ZS on the person's neck and then use a Qtip or Cotton Swab to make the bites by pushing the Q tip or Cotton Swab and rotating in a circle and pulling away the ZS leaving a perfect bite. You can also use this same idea for a mouth bite by just using the Qtip or Cotton Swab to make the separate teeth marks.

Warning: Keep out of eyes, ears, nose and mouth. It is suggested to test a small patch of skin and wait a few minutes. If a rash, or other signs of irritation develop, remove the latex and wash the affected areas with soap and water and discontinue use. The Face Painting Shop assumes no legal responsibility for consumers' use of this product. Please use responsibly.


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