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Face Painting Palettes

Face Painting Palettes

The Face Painting Shop stocks a huge range of face painting palettes, including TAG Body Art, Global Colours, Superstar, and Diamond FX

From Neons, to skin to colours we have a palette that will suit everyones needs

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*The Face Painting Shop Pro Palette Out Of Stock
The Face Painting Shop Pro Palette Keep your face paints safe and looking profession with our..
Based on 4 reviews.
Ben Nye's F/X Palette provides ultra-realism for bruises, abrasions, black eyes, burns and charac..
The Lumiere Creme Colour Palette is designed with twelve dazzling shades for infinite creativity...
Vivid, lustrous pressed colors and bold richness to runway, fashion or fantasy. Refillable ca..
The Ben Nye Makeup Company is a family owned company dedicated to serving professional makeup art..
Diamond FX 12 x 10g Palette Reg Out Of Stock
The Diamond FX Essential Palette contains 12 colors, 10 grams each. High quality waterbased makeu..
Based on 4 reviews.
The new Gore Palette from Diamond FX has arrived! This is a must have for any face painter or..
Diamond FX Neon Palette Out Of Stock
Product Description Diamond FX Neon Color Palette: 6 colors, 10 grams each. Each individu..
Based on 1 reviews.
Diamond FX Palette 12 x 10g 6 x metallic 6 x neon 2 x brushes ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Diamond FX Palette 6 x 10g 1 x brush   ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Diamond FX Skin Tone Palette Out Of Stock
Flesh colours 6 colour palette. Refills are available for this palette. Contains two brus..
Eulenspiegel 24 Colour Palette Out Of Stock
24 x 3,5 ml Colors: Black, White, Sky Blue, Emerald Green, Yellow, Light Red, Pearlised Gold, Pea..
Eulenspiegel 6=12 Palette Out Of Stock
 6 x 3,5 ml Split Cakes in a Metall Box + no 4 Angled Brush ..
Exclusive Superstar Skin Tone Palette Out Of Stock
Exclusive Superstar Skin Tone Palette EXCLUSIVE to The Face Painting Shop Superstar have crea..
Based on 2 reviews.
  Face Paints Australia is a highlighly pigmented, water based paint available in Essent..
Based on 1 reviews.