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MistFX Body Paints Primary Pack

MistFX Body Paints Primary Pack (MistFX Body Paints Primary Pack)
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MistFX Body Paints Primary Pack
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  • Model: MistFX Body Paints Primary Pack
  • 5x 60ml MistFX Water Based Body Paint
  • 1 x 75ml Distilled Water

Great works of art don’t just take place on canvas. Our mistFX range of aqua face and body paints is creating quite a stir on the body painting scene.

That’s because, they offer the best coverage and brightest colour range available.

Totally unique, these highly versatile and durable paints have an incredibly high pigment concentration, producing colours that are true, strong and explosive. They allow the professional body artist endless creative possibilities in bringing work to life in the most stunning effect.

mistFX can be applied using any method of application -Sponge, Brush or Airbrush, without compromising on levels of coverage and brightness of colour.


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