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Sparkling Face Practice Board - Marie

Sparkling Face Practice Board - Marie (MARIE)
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Sparkling Face Practice Board - Marie
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  • Model: MARIE

Brand new colored make-up templates made of plastic with children's faces are the best new practice tool available. The practice boards are ideal for practicing and developing new designs. Easily paint your artwork on the template, photograph it directly, and easily create a unique portfolio that you can present online or as a print. The perfect solution if no models are available.


The surface of the boards is designed with a special material so that your brush paints and smoothly slides over it. No more frustrating slipping! Contours can therefore be painted exactly on the page marked "Paint This Side" (wash with detergent before using for the first time).


Your new make-up template can be easily cleaned with water and detergent from the make-up colors. Stubborn paint residue can be removed by gently rubbing with a stain remover and dish soap or cooking oil.


This brand new product has been carefully tested by Sparkling Faces and passed all tests with flying colors. We are very pleased to be able to offer you these makeup templates from now on and are convinced that these are an excellent investment in your creative company!


Designed by -

Svetlana Keller


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