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ProAiir Ink 4oz Basic Colour Collection Pack

ProAiir Ink 4oz Basic Colour Collection Pack (ProAiir INK Pack 2oz)
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ProAiir Ink 4oz Basic Colour Collection Pack
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NEW FORMULA! 5 x 4oz

This set comes with 6 basic colors; Black, White, Lipstick Red, Electric Blue, Yellow and Bubble Gum Pink.

ProAiir Ink is alcohol-based temporary tattoo ink that’s manufactured in USA using only FDA compliant ingredients. ProAiir passes all safety standards set forth by an independent, third party, US-based laboratory and it’s certified as “skin safe”.

Reformulated in 2016, ProAiir is even more versatile than before. Still waterproof and durable for 5-10 days when applied correctly, ProAiir now has a thinner consistency and can be airbrushed at 18-20 PSI without clogging or fogging. The finish has less tack and requires no or little powdering. As before, ProAiir Ink can be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil when desired.



Please note there are some restrictions on shipping ProAiir paints as they are alcohol based. 

If you're located outside Mainland UK, please contact us before ordering to see if we can ship this product to you. 

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